Website Mockup

What is a Website Mockup?

A sample to give you vision of your future project.

Website Mockup is an interface design method that allows us to offer you interfaces that meet your expectations and needs. It also allows us to ensure that our client’s needs are adapted to the project.

The articulation of this stage

In a web project, it is essential to think about the structure of the site the hierarchy of content (zoning) to facilitate access to information as much as possible. A full reflection must therefore be carried out beforehand, and the latter is based on user tests and the benchmark of the existing one. Our experts are well aware of that, taking this step very seriously.Indeed, although it is necessary to develop an innovative idea, we believe that it is not necessary to go too fast because it is a question of developing interfaces. These must be as intuitive as possible.Realizing the models of a website is, therefore, a phase of reflection in the design stage. It is also a way to share your project vision with the other teams and examine the different possibilities. This is a quick and simple method with many advantages, such as developing user tests or integrating feedback before the actual start of interface design.

The differences with the zoning stage

The zoning stage consists of mapping the web pages of your website using boxes or blocks to show the main areas of content and major functionalities. It, therefore, makes it possible to present the different elements with and on which users will be able to react. Modeling is much more than that! Indeed, in the website model, it is no longer a question of making large blocks but of presenting with precision the website’s functionalities, interactions, and contents. It also makes it possible to validate or correct functional or technical choices before starting technical development.

Website Models: How We Work

Contact Us To Develop Your Digital Strategy

To understand how we carry out the web design of a site and its models, we ask for the goals and objectives of our client. Our experts will bring you their advice and their experience. It also guarantees that your website is in line with the digital strategy. This discussion is the pillar of the reflection of the required user interface and user experience, and on that basis, we will offer you the first models of your website.From this brief, our project manager interacts with you at each stage to confirm the different elements that make up the models of your different pages until you are optimally satisfied.

Our project manager also supports you in setting up a clear website tree structure according to your objectives. This is the essential structure to convert your future customers. One of the components of our lead generation methodology is inbound marketing. The content of your website is, therefore, key. We develop the content elements you need by playing on the depth, the quality of the content, and the CTAs. To bring it to conversion, we can set up “Call To Action” incentives and place them intuitively to facilitate interaction with the user.

This reflection around the site’s structure, its tree structure, the UX, and the UI is vital to lead generation and is completely integrated into our lead generation strategy.Our objective, through the expertise of our web agency and our Web designers, is to provide you with a functional design that corresponds to your brand image and feeds our methodology for your digital strategy.Trust our team with years of cumulative experience in digital marketing to carry out a personalized competitive analysis offered. 

Sinha IT Solutions is the ideal partner in function for clients worldwide; we assure you proximity and availability in the development of your digital projects. Sinha IT Solutions has been supporting its clients for many years in creating their website and developing their marketing strategy, and we are ready and excited to serve you!


Model Of Your Website: A Web Design That Suits You!

How do we prepare web integration?

After having completed the model of your web project, Sinha IT Solutions will prepare the web integration of the latter because the model is as close as possible to the rendering of the website. Indeed, once the model meets the expectations and needs of the client, it is necessary to prepare the elements for web integration. To do this, technical skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript are required; however, you don’t need to learn anything, neither you need to hire an employee.

Sinha IT Solutions will take care of that. Our expert designer will use design software such as Photoshop to deliver excellent graphic charters and much more.

Our web design agency expertise

Creating a website is good, but having a website that conveys your company’s identity and brand with an optimal user experience, is just essential!This is why Sinha IT Solutions has surrounded itself with the best web designers, each an expert in a field (construction, agri-food, banking, commerce, publishing, electronics, etc.), and all capable of offering you graphic designs that are consistent with your business sector activity and differentiating from competition site models.Our teams had many opportunities to prove their expertise. For each customer issue raised, tailor-made solutions have been provided from time to time.

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