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Cloud services are increasingly used today, but what are they?

It is the installation, the configuration of resources available through the Internet. These resources are allocated according to the needs and can evolve without problems according to the project one wishes to set up or grow. In other words, our applications, server(s), sites, and more reside not within our company but on servers managed and maintained by someone else.

This makes work deployment flexible and greatly reduces the cost of maintaining any equipment that would need to be local. We transform your IT equipment into a powerful and efficient cloud platform. We will manage and take responsibility for your services, whether they are based on standard starting blocks from the CloudCloud public services, by integrating your new infrastructure so that your IT is finally user-friendly.

In-House Cloud Infrastructure: Having our cloud infrastructure, we offer our customers the possibility of using our resources and equipment to put their application and infrastructure needs online. We specialize in managing virtualized services that allow great flexibility for you and your needs. The advantage of our cloud solution is that we fully control the infrastructure, giving us full power in the event of technical support and the evolution of your services.

Public clouds: Today, several cloud services exist in the world. Sinha IT Solutions specializes in using and implementing Public and Private Cloud services. The cloud solutions offered by us make it possible to determine, choose and implement the unique resources necessary to accomplish your project. In other words, you pay for resources that you will use and not otherwise.

Sizing: Scaling allows you to evolve and grow your projects, infrastructures, and application services in the blink of an eye.

Perks of working with Sinha IT Solutions

The reasons why Cloud Computing is progressing faster than expected are multiple:

  • The worse the economic crisis worsens, the more companies turn to the “cloud.” Because the investment expenses are transformed into an operating expense.
  • Instead of investing in their own IT equipment, client companies rent the services they need from their service providers monthly or yearly.
  • It also allows companies that temporarily need a large computing or data storage capacity to hire the necessary resources quickly.
  • Experts are betting on continued growth to double by 2016, and these reasons show that it is a real need when there are no other alternatives.

Reliability: Cloud services operate within a proven infrastructure that is regularly maintained.

Securing: Cloud services are protected, and above all, backup services are provided to ensure the continuity of your services. Discover the CloudCloud without limits and deploy your IT resources with agility in a legal framework that guarantees sovereignty over your data.

Cloud Architectures: Benefit from tailor-made Cloud resources and deploy Cloud platforms adapted to your challenges.

Trusted Cloud: Adopt the trusted CloudCloud that can support you by guaranteeing the security and protection of your data.

Excellence Center: Experts team by your side to set up the Cloud architectures best suited to your needs through expert solutions.

Compatible Cloud: Manage and control your cloud resources by integrating Outscale APIs compatible with market standards.

Take fast advantage of our Enterprise Class solutions: Deploy your application in complete security and improve your performance with our cloud.

Here are the advantages of a perfectly optimized Cloud solution: Sinha IT Solutions is a cloud solutions provider offering the following services:

Personalization Of The Solution- We aim to meet the specific needs of your company.

Scalable- Your applications and their functionality will evolve with the needs of your business.

Mobility- Access your cloud system from any computer.

Economical- You won’t have to pay a fortune for our services.

55% cost savings- Companies that rely on cloud infrastructures save up to 55% of the costs compared to conventional on-premise infrastructures.

Years of expertise- We have been using cloud infrastructure for all projects for years, with great success.

Modernize Your Company’s Infrastructure- Would you like to modernize your infrastructure? Or evaluate the migration of applications and data to the cloud? In addition to pure online storage, cloud computing also maps entire processes. 

Explore the possibility of technology

Open up unexpected dimensions and possibilities, Become more efficient, automate work steps, and Reduce development effort!

Scaling IT services- Cloud services can be adapted to the user’s needs at short notice. Down or up. 

Increase in organizational flexibility- You can use cloud services flexibly, especially when user behavior is difficult to calculate. This allows you to outsource service providers’ capacity, know-how, security, and technology risks.

Reduced server hardware investments- You pay for what you need. Throw fixed investment costs for servers overboard. Excessive investments for overcapacity are a thing of the past—likewise the great IT administration effort.

Geographic Independence- You can use and scale IT resources such as storage space, computing power, or application software at the push of a button, regardless of location. Worldwide.

Professional protection- The data is professionally protected and maintained: 24/7. You can outsource technical problems to an external provider at a low cost. These are, for example, performance optimizations, update and release changes, reliability, etc. 

Empower your business with cloud computing products and services from Sinha IT Solutions. Our solutions will allow you to collaborate via the Internet and help you run your business more efficiently. By implementing a unified system, you will be able to share, edit, comment, and publish documents between members of the company and external collaborators.

Therefore, thanks to our Cloud technology services, you will improve communication in your company, improve your marketing capabilities and streamline your business processes.

Backup, store and retrieve data. Stream large documents like video, 3D drawings, high definition image and much more. Cloud computing services include storage, databases, servers, networks, analytics, software, etc.

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