What Do We Do?

At SIS, we offer a wide range of IT solutions to help you grow your business.

Sinha IT Solutions is an IT group offering services adapted to businesses and individuals. For several years now, Sinha IT Solutions has supplied many professionals by offering them IT solutions that meet their needs and expectations. Sinha IT Solutions guides you in choosing your IT solution, taking you to approved technical choices. Our Strengthened expertise thanks to our team of close-knit professionals ready to take on new challenges. We take care of your entire information system. Indeed, we take care of the latter from installation to maintenance. We bring the reliability of use and security to your computer platforms, which will allow you to keep certain confidentiality in all of your computer files

We thrive on exceeding our client's expectations. We utilize the latest technologies and trends to develop cutting-edge Mobile Apps and premium Web Platforms.

Our Services

Sinha IT Solutions supports you in the implementation of your IT projects.

Sinha IT Solutions specializes in the integration of IT solutions and the provision of associated services, capable of handling IT projects for regional and international multi-locations for public and private customers.

Full Stack Web Development

The expertise of our web developers and the involvement of experienced project teams guarantee you the benefits of a scalable internet platform, with functionalities adapted to each distribution strategy...

Mobile App Development

We offer multiple features that allow you to give greater interactivity to your application. Choose from our functions the one that best suits your business: display the geolocation of your establishment, sell products online, offer discount coupons, broadcast your latest videos, music tracks...

Software Development

Our agency is competent in custom software development, with significant experience and a motivated and diversified team. We can carry out all your projects and offer you your software...

Digital Marketing

Our agency distinguishes some important phases in implementing an effective digital marketing strategy: the creation and optimization of the website, the acquisition of visitors to this site then the conversion of visitors into sales leads or directly into a turnover in the case of e-commerce...

Artificial Intelligence

The scope of AI is gigantic; it is a transversal IT discipline that can concern all sectors of a company: finance, commerce, and e-commerce, marketing, legal, management and accounting, HR/training, production, innovation / R&D, DSI...

Machine Learning (Bots)

Our experts have designed machine learning services to replace all the manual work involved in setting up servers for training and inference. With Sinha IT Solutions, you can get assistance and train models using the datasets you provide....

Why Choose Us?

We ensure the digital experience according to the major High-Tech High-Touch trends that provide advanced service. We answer your questions frankly and freely, providing you with detailed quotes. Each request is unique, so we study your activity by analyzing your needs with great attention to detail. We also immediately respond to your request with a rapid realization of your ideas to ensure the delivery of projects on time.

Experts at your bay!

We’re  Sinha IT Solution Pvt Ltd, a IT Company based in Mumbai.Our industry experience and expertise allow us to consistently meet the digital needs of both startups and established businesses across India.1

We work with you, applying our knowledge to supercharge your branding strategy and help you to stand out from the crowd. What can you expect from working with us? A final product that we know both you and your customers will love! 1

  • Easy to use
  • free support
  • Awesome sliders
  • Email Design
  • Easy to Customize pages
  • Powerful Performance

Our Products

We provide 100+ differents software needs in business like billing system , crm, Web Marketing, Web and App Design and much more!

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