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Sinha IT Solutions proudly offers innovative services to it's customers and members.

Innovation is one step; industrialization is our mission. Our role is to ensure that this innovation can be used wherever it is of interest while guaranteeing the best level of service. We set up web apps that allow us to generalize these innovative techniques in all businesses and spread this know-how to all development teams.Create iPhone, Android, and Web app applications with the same editor. Create your application with resolutions according to the different screen sizes. An application must be able to be managed autonomously. For this, we regularly develop many easy-to-use features that allow you to interact with your customers. Adding these new features is free. You have the choice; either we take care of submitting your application to the different stores, or you choose to do it yourself.

Have you got a mobile application project?
Give life to your ideas! Let’s create the multi-platform web application together, best suited to your needs. Let’s start creating your custom web application. Some of our expert services for our clients include Creation of the design of the web application, Creation of a web administration BackOffice, Responsive application on different sizes of devices.

What do we offer?

Get inspired and let's start creating your Web app by choosing our services.

We have set up a powerful editor that allows you to compose each of your screens easily to create your web application. Add features and screens easily without any technical knowledge—design powerful web applications for any activity. We offer multiple features that allow you to give greater interactivity to your application. Choose from our functions that best suit your business: display the geolocation of your establishment, sell products online, offer discount coupons, broadcast your latest videos music tracks.

Measure your audience follow the number of visits of your application. Stay up to date with the latest stats about your app. Get a secure web application that has a secure connection and extend the possibility of your Web app with a virtual chat mobile application that will provide Real-time chat with in-app media or content sharing. Furthermore, get a map application with  dynamic maps and geolocation in real-time or get a mobile app for social networking that allows

Media sharing, Content sharing in the mobile application (Feed, Publications, Comments, Stories). You can also get an e-commerce application that consists of In-app purchases and Selling products directly. Simplified payment for your customers. With us you can also get a relation web application cloud forecast that is Dynamic and provides data-friendly content, Bandwidth-efficient, real-time content for different devices

How does a web application creation project take place?

The main stages of creating a web application project will include the following 4 steps. 

Web app design- We established specifications and a functional design. We support you in achieving the MVP.

Web app development- We design the web application by following the specifications and the model. We then perform unit, integration, and system tests before the customer acceptance.

Deployment of web app- You validate your new web application and we publish it and We accompany assist and guide you on your launch. 

Creation Trendy Designs- Unique, professional, and modern designs. Our applications offer an optimal user experience for any device.

Create your web application with us as we provide all required solutions, allowing online application creation easy. Our application editors are experts with years of experience, which allows them to design and manage web applications for various business sectors… You can start using our solution today and test all of its features. Our solution can be used by just Contacting us and we will do the rest. 

Why Choose us?

Your work is our responsibility, We understand you, Our work speaks for us!

shape your image- We create an effective and consistent web app for your innovative growth ideas and create your showcase, institutional, or e-commerce website.

We are creative- We always offer you an original solution adapted to your business your customers…

We are suggestive- Listening to your profession and your habits, we do everything we can to build a project so that you remain the best in the industry.

We are responsive- Flexible and available! Our agency on a human scale allows us to remain attentive to your needs to respond to them as soon as possible.


We are qualitative- You ensure consistent and effective global communication by entrusting your web and print projects to our dedicated team of experts.

Our added value- Sharing best practices and ethics for long-term relationships with our customers

Imagine- Your company is unique, your communication too. Creation of your web design, declination of your company’s requirements, your website (showcase or e-commerce), or even on your service displays, we take care of it.

Advisor- A tailor-made internet development with a personalized administration, or a site based on WordPress for a content management system? You do not know? We advise you!

Optimize Fast and light- Each pixel counts, we design and structure your site to optimize SEO and user experience on each medium (smartphone, tablet, computer)

We’re here for you- Whether you want to manage your site fully, partially, or…not at all. We can set up a straightforward maintenance contract for you.


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