Conversion Rate

What is a website conversion?

Convert the audience of your website into sales!

Thousands of new web resources appear on the web every day. Among them, of course, there are your competitors. And therefore, every day, it becomes more and more difficult to attract users’ attention to your project. You cannot do without effective marketing to stay on the “crest of the wave” and be content with a stable flow of orders. In particular, Google Ads (Adwords) contextual advertising shows high performance. In India, its use is especially relevant because the urbanized metropolitan region is characterized by increased competition in any business area.

Conversion to leads doesn’t always match up to conversion to sales. Sometimes sales are not required. Sometimes the purpose of a site is to collect email addresses or other contact information. In this case, the percentage of visitors who left you their email or phone number will be considered a conversion.

We are a team of digital specialists in different areas of marketing. How can we help you?

  • SEO in 120+ countries
  • Contextual advertising
  • Technical support and website development
  • Creation of sites
  • Web analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Performance marketing

Benefits of Conversion

With us you get higher conversion, the more applications, which means sales, and sales = profit,

But why conversion? After all, you can, for example, increase the number of visitors to the site and thus affect sales and income. You can properly establish interaction with people who have already become customers and earn repeat sales. Increasing the number of visitors almost always means increasing monetary investments in contextual advertising and other third-party advertising channels. When it comes to increasing conversions, you need to work with your site. This always means more freedom, more opportunities, and almost always less money (at least, because every day, more and more business people pay for advertising, and the cost per click in advertising systems is constantly growing). Plus, the experience of many companies specializing in Internet marketing suggests that you can and should work to increase traffic. But after how you pumped the conversion of the site. When the site becomes more convenient, understandable, and selling, out of 100 visitors, there are no longer 10, but 20 or 30, you can afford to increase the budget for contextual advertising. Moreover, many business people connect the context only after conversion optimization work because they can afford it.

With a low conversion, contextual advertising does not pay off: Repeat sales are even easier. Firstly, the higher the conversion, the more people will buy one product from you and leave contacts for the opportunity to offer them at least one more product. Secondly, in the vast majority of cases, repeat sales involve a second visit to your site. If we optimized it, you would have much more repeat sales.

Increasing website conversion: We will conduct an audit, set up key metrics, and find problem areas in the conversion paths. Prepare TOR for developers. More sales on your site. Recommendations for increasing conversions are included in the advanced web analytics audit and end-to-end analytics services.

What does working with us include?

  • Determination of monitored KPIs and goals
  • Analysis of current customer acquisition channels
  • User behavior analysis
  • Website performance analysis
  • Creating user-friendly dashboards

We answer key questions.

  • Which source drives the most targeted traffic to your site?
  • What search queries do customers come up with?
  • Which pages are the most/least visited?
  • How effective are your advertising campaigns?
  • What are the main paths users use on the site, and which of them are the most converting?
  • At what stage do your potential customers refuse to purchase your products and services, and why?

How will you benefit?

We and our services will help you, so you can:

  • Quickly evaluate the effectiveness of channels and see profit on each channel.
  • Get complete statistics to manage your marketing strategy
  • Forget about wasting time preparing reports
  • Optimize budgets
  • Evaluate business performance
  • Check and improve the quality of work of contractors.
  • Can make decisions based on complete statistics.

We know how to increase the conversion of your site! After our work, sales on your site will increase. Recommendations for increasing conversions are included in the advanced web analytics audit and end-to-end analytics services. Our experts will set up key metrics and find problem areas in the conversion paths of the target audience. Site performance analysis will be useful for site owners, SEO specialists, Internet marketers, and anyone who wants to make their site truly selling. We find and eliminate the cause of the low conversion rate.

Our tool interacts directly with its target audience.

It will be useful for site owners, SEO specialists, Internet marketers, and anyone who wants to make their site truly selling. With the growing influence of behavioral factors in the ranking of the site, site usability has increased  – convenience from the point of view of users. After all, if the site is convenient has a functional design, users come back again and again, which is necessarily taken into account by the search as a positive factor in the quality of the site.

Advantages of our services

Extensive experience with online stores and service sites confirmed by many cases allows us to offer the best solution for your business!

Why Choose Us?
  • Own website development department
  • With a separate staff of developers, the load is distributed evenly. You always have access to tasks through the project management system. 
  • Own website promotion department
  • Departments of SEO promotion and Contextual advertising provide the creation of an Internet marketing complex – support and promotion, project development strategy.
  • Analytics department
  • Set up data collection. We coordinate and implement the structure of the analytics KPI of the project. We audit the effectiveness of advertising channels’ conversion paths. We build end-to-end analytics.
  • Boutique internet marketing agency

Experts in the team: A team of energetic, like-minded people, masters of their craft. We work to satisfy and solve serious problems for our clients. Now you can become a part of a power structure that works with clients worldwide.

Run faster than others: Independent of economic and political conditions. Our clients are from many different countries: USA, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Germany, Italy, France. All our clients get outstanding sales results. We increase the profits of our clients.

The young team of professionals: Everyone in our team is friendly; no corporate “squabbling” prevents us from achieving results. A friendly atmosphere allows you to happily go to the office, communicate with like-minded people, and develop.

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