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Concerned about the visibility of their brands and products, companies are constantly developing their marketing strategies. The key medium when deploying a media campaign is the banner ad in terms of online advertising. This technique, invented in 1994, still gives good results today.  Also called a banner, the banner is defined as an advertisement published on the internet.

Since it is a commercially oriented medium, it aims to attract as many visitors as possible to a site. The approach is to insert the banner on another internet portal playing the role of advertising space. The latter redirects to the site that is the subject of the ad when the Internet user clicks on the banner.

A banner ad is generally characterized by its illustrated appearance. The value of its dimension is expressed in pixels. The classic model measures 468×60 pixels and adopts a rectangular shape. Currently, there are several headband formats. The size then goes from 200×200 to 970×250 pixels. This variation is explained in particular by the banner’s location on the web page. The most common formats include the square, horizontal and vertical types. In addition to the evolution at the level of the size, that at the level of the image is part of the novelties observed in the creation of banners.  From the era of Flash and print banners to today’s interactive digital banner advertisements, Sinha IT Solutions support its clients in adapting their media and designing and implementing their advertising banner campaigns. We are involved in editorial design, graphic design, HTML5 animation, provision to media agencies, boards, or sending to ad servers.

Sinha IT Solutions creates HTML banners for your campaigns

Sinha IT Solutions, an agency experienced in creating HTML5 banners

From a key visual, a graphic charter, and a message, or simply by starting together from scratch, we create your banner sets following the vision and mission of your campaign and the formats planned for its distribution.

  • Design and writing of messages
  • Definition of storyboards for each message, product key feature, etc.
  • Graphic design of the different screens
  • Animating the master banner
  • Variation of the master on the formats selected with the media agency
  • Compliance with the technical specifications provided according to the management
  • Changes during the campaign based on AB tests and statistical feedback.

On the mailing management side, we adapt to your routing tools. We provide you with a platform where we send mailings, considering the technical prerequisites necessary to ensure the deliverability of emails.

To integrate a banner ad, web development professionals choose between various techniques. We prefer HTML5. HTML5 banner is among the newer methods. This latest version of the HTML language includes other options and those offered by the older versions of HTML. Thanks to its semantic markup, for example, HTML5 gives its user the possibility of describing its content in a precise way. Its versatility also characterizes it.

Unlike Flash banners, whose use is now outdated, this hypertext language displays compatibility with various media such as video, audio, and SVG. Moreover, HTML5 presents a disposition to adapt to different formats and locations. In this sense, your advertising banner is easily displayed on any medium: PC, tablet, or mobile. Among other things, HTML5 has a feature allowing web developers to work offline. In a word, this tool helps you create banners and powerful and varied sites. Our agency excels in the creation and management of website and insertion of banners.

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By consulting our website, you will discover other types of service, including maintenance. To this end, we take care of preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. Preventive maintenance consists of anticipating possible problems that could affect your site, while corrective maintenance aims to repair the various incidents encountered by users. As for corrective maintenance, it concerns improvements in the user experience. To benefit from our service, you must fill out our contact form.

Creations / Banner design and video production services

We help you build your brand online and better convey your message. Our team of web designers and our video production unit can make your website much more presentable and attractive. This impacts user engagement, website conversion rates, and a better user experience.

While good banners and images make the message engaging, videos help you tell the whole story. Our creative creators and video production know-how team present brands in the best possible way. We also make your message more worthy of sharing on social media platforms…helping your audience spread it even further. We work closely with marketing teams and content writers to ensure key messages are delivered correctly and across various online marketing channels, including your website.

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