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Why are social networks Important for my business?

Do you want to grow through social networks? Check out our social media management packages, select the most suitable for your needs, and contact Sinha IT Solutions today!

Stimulator of visibility, acquisition, and loyalty tool, social networks have many advantages to offer to SMEs that use them properly in their development strategy. Collaborating with us will only benefit you. We offer your SME all the tools necessary to succeed on social networks.

Issues resolved with Sinha IT Solutions

Before collaborating with our social media agency, our clients remained unanswered to these questions:

  • How can I increase the notoriety and visibility of my SME on social networks?
  • How do I promote my brand image and my expertise online?
  • How to target, engage, and capture quality prospects on social networks?
  • How do I manage my community and retain my current customers?

Did you know that more than two out of three adults actively use social networks and that Facebook is most popular in most countries? Strengthening your presence on the various social networks with Sinha IT Solutions represents a real growth opportunity for your SME. Long considered a hobby, social networks are now a strategic advantage for companies wishing to increase the turnover of their web marketing. A social media agency helps you make optimal use of all the elements that impact the success of your social media marketing.

Benefits Of Managing Social Networking With Sinha IT Solutions

Social Media: Capture, Engage, And Retain Your Community

Social networks offer the advantage of bringing your targets and your company together on a common platform. The objective of our social media agency is to enable you to engage with your targets on social networks through tailor-made content. Social networks will help you strengthen the three pillars of marketing for your SME:

  • Lead attraction- Sinha IT Solutions can help you strengthen this first pillar, that of visibility. This becomes possible thanks to engaging content and local and tailor-made awareness campaigns.
  • Acquisition of new customers- Social media is an excellent platform for acquiring new customers, thanks to personalized shops (such as a Facebook shop or Instagram Shopping ) and more sophisticated targeting promotions.
  • The loyalty of your current customers- Social networks offer unique loyalty opportunities. Above all social, these platforms allow you to create a close link with your audience and make them captive. Loyalty is one of the major challenges of social networks. Consumers spend on average between 20% and 40% more with companies that engage and respond to them on social networks. See your social media as a relational tool that builds the trust of your customers.

Our Process

To cover all the elements necessary for the effectiveness of your business on social networks, our social media agency accompanies you during the following steps.

  • Auditing your social networks- The Social Media Audit gives you an overview of your current social media performance and that of your competition. This step identifies potential areas for improvement in your social media marketing. The data and statistics collected during this audit serve as the basis for developing your communication strategy on social networks.
  • Developing your social media strategy- The social media strategy consists of defining the precise objectives of your company on social media. Once these objectives have been defined, we create with you a tailor-made action plan grouping together the actions that will allow you to achieve your objectives.
  • Creating your pages- Creating pages on social networks increases the visibility of your business on the platforms most used by your target customers. Stand out from the competition with Sinha IT Solutions by offering unique and targeted content for your persona by working on your social media marketing.
  • Managing your social media- A social network manager’s management of your platforms ensures the publication of rich, engaging, targeted content regularly. Our social media managers animate your page and take charge of interactions with your subscribers and visitors to build a relationship of trust with your audience.
  • Advertising on your social networks- Social media advertising is a way to increase the notoriety and visibility of your SME. The multiple targeting tools allow you to attract a highly qualified target. Optimize your social media advertising and get a positive return on investment.
  • Social media training- Social media training gives you all the keys to learning how to manage your social media yourself. The experts of our web agency will teach you how to publish content adapted to your target and use all the measurement tools available on social networks. Discover our training and become autonomous within your SME.

Entrust your social media to Sinha IT Solutions

By choosing Sinha IT Solutions as your partner in managing your social media, you will have a social media agency that:

  • Appropriate the realities of your company and your industry to submit a strategy in total adequacy with your target.
  • Will support your social networks based on a robust strategy defined with you by certified experts.
  • Bases its collaboration on trust and transparency. Thanks to a common management tool, you will be able to follow our progress in real-time and remain the final decision-maker in all circumstances.
  • Increase your SME’s business opportunities on social media today with our social media agency. Contact us to tell us about your projects and benefit from a free evaluation.

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