What is SMO?

Attract new customers and turn them into customers

SMO is an abbreviation for social media optimization, which means internal optimization of a website, online store, portal. What does it include? This is work with content, interface and usability, design changes. For what? The main thing is to establish the relationship of the resource with social networks “at a distance,” that is, without being included in the network itself. The second is to increase the socialization of the site and make it user-friendly. SMO marketing means activities to attract targeted traffic, usually from social networks. This is done through such tools as unique content interface adjustment for social networks.For example, using widgets on the site, you can set the display of group members in social networks and place buttons for a quick transition. You can increase user engagement by placing the “like in VK” comments widget under a blog article. People like to communicate online, and when they see similar functionality on the site, they will leave a comment in 90% of cases.

Why do you need SMO?

SEO is used to attract visitors through search engines. But traffic comes to the site not only from Google and Yandex. Social networks are a stable source of new users. An SMM specialist handles promotion in social networks. And so that the conditional client is not disappointed, you need to carry out SMO – social optimization. This material will talk about a new form of work with content and site structure.

Features of SMO services from us

We will manage, define, optimize and implement your Content

The concept of social media optimization is associated with SMM. Both sets of measures are designed to interact with the audience of social networks. They are distinguished by the platform on which the main work takes place. We will work in various social networks to attract people: Facebook, Instagram, etc. We will also optimize the site so that users attracted from social networks spend more time on it and share links with friends. Thus, we will set up the infrastructure of the resource and content. What will be included?

Content management: Presenting information in a readable form is the most important condition for social promotion. We will help to choose the right font, color, and size for the text. We will then equip it with a competent structure – the modern user is not predisposed to reading “sheets”: he runs his eyes over subheadings and lists to get an impression of the text and reads only fragments of interest.We will help our customers with Subheadings that should be tagged with the appropriate font. For the text, it is important to choose a good background so that the visitor does not experience difficulties when reading; we will take care of that too.Content should grab attention and make you want to stay. Text information is diluted with illustrations and videos. This increases the user’s chances to read the material, bookmark it, and share the link with friends.All this is our work, and we have satisfied many clients.

Working with site structure: Interesting, well-presented content is half the work done. Information should be easy to find and export. We will further help to improve the structure and design of the site. It is important to change the navigation so that users stay longer. Place in a conspicuous place announcement of popular and new articles calls for the transition.Internal linking simplifies navigation. Properly interconnected pages increase positions in the search and help the social promotion specialist – after its implementation, behavioral factors improve.This digital service appeared relatively recently and is associated with the rapid development of social networks and the serious impact that they began to have on the Internet marketing market. SMO interacts most closely with SMM. SMM is the promotion of your business directly on social networks, and SMO is the optimization of your site so that it can interact with social networks in the best possible way and constitute an effective marketing tool with them.

Modern SMO includes several activities to increase the interconnectedness of the site and social networks. That is, ideally, users of social networks who go there for communication and entertainment can (and should) become visitors to your site and consumers of your products and services.The site should have an appropriate color scheme. Variegated design annoying color combinations can quickly tire – and the user will soon leave the site. Our services for SMO also provides for a competent arrangement of tools for interacting with text like: share buttons for social networks; newsletter subscription; button for saving in bookmarks; the ability to mark the text; the ability to place a link on the user’s resource.

A comment form associated with a social network is added to the site. People love to read discussions and connect to the exchange of opinions. If you work correctly with feedback – protect it from spam and add likes – you will get new traffic.

Why Choose Us?

Why was Social Optimization started, and why do you need our help?

People who come from social networks are the target audience. They are more active in browsing pages and commenting on articles. One of the main advantages of SMO is that visitors are not in a hurry to leave the site.An avalanche effect is achieved with proper optimization: users repost content, share it with friends and subscribers, and those with their friends. As a result, the site becomes more popular.Search marketing work brings results, but social traffic can enhance them. This is important because users spend a lot of time on social networks. The best results come when SEO, SMM, and SMO work together.

What SMO methods used in our agency can achieve this effect:
  • Creation and placement on your site of content that will be voluntarily distributed by users of social networks (useful, unique, in-demand, viral – receiving an avalanche of popularity in social networks);
  • SMO-optimization of the site – its technical refinement with the help of plugins and widgets that allow visitors to easily and quickly share the content of the site on social networks;
  • SMO-optimization of the site in terms of interaction with visitors – installing widgets for voting, product rating, commenting;
  • Communication with users of social networks (feedback) – attracting visitors to the site, encouraging users who distribute your content, actively behave on the site and in your public;
  • Forming communities of interest in social networks around your brand will become your permanent audience. 

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