What is SEO?

Natural referencing is an essential acquisition channel for any website, whatever the company's activity.

SEO optimization is, therefore, by definition at the heart of any natural referencing strategy. What is it precisely? Why and for who? What are the key steps? Our experts are there to provide you with the fundamentals that a site must consider to be better positioned in search engines.

Why do you need SEO?

The visibility of your website is one of the key factors for the success of your business. If you should have only one goal in terms of SEO, it should be to position yourself in the first results of search engines. Indeed, 75% of clicks from Internet users come from the first page of the SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ).SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about creating, enriching, and promoting content. It is commonly accepted that this process consists of two parts, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.By properly optimizing your site, you’ll attract qualified visitors, increase your conversion rates, and ultimately get you more customers.

Our Objectives Of An SEO Optimization Strategy

But what exactly are we talking about when conducting an SEO optimization strategy? What are the main objectives when optimizing your website?

In short, Our SEO strategy focuses on 4 objectives to have a site that complies with Google’s recommendations. Generally, this is the starting point of any reflection when you are in the context of a website redesign. Today, our expert SEO players are convinced that at least 200 positioning criteria are available. Google’s algorithm (if not several algorithms) would be based on these different criteria.

WE WILL TECHNICALLY OPTIMIZE YOUR SITE: This provides your site with a clean technical basis for its exploration by search engine robots. Technical SEO optimization concerns all changes that take place directly on the website. Mainly at the source code, URL, and content level. It is a work on the bottom as on the form, intending to facilitate the comprehension of the site by the robots and its indexing. A technical audit of the site must be carried out to define the corrections so that it is accessible, indexable, and efficient.Once the site is technically clean, We will define your keyword strategy to improve your site’s visibility and generate more traffic.

DEFINING YOUR KEYWORD STRATEGY: To be visible in SEO, content is one of the main elements we will build your SEO optimization strategy. We then speak of semantic optimization of the site, in other words – content optimization. To carry out the semantic optimization of your website, we will make sure that the content of your pages appeals to Google and respond to the search intentions of Internet users.

WE WILL OPTIMIZE THE TREE STRUCTURE OF YOUR SITE: Having optimized content is good, but if it is accessible, it’s better! And that’s the whole point of having a properly structured site. We will help construct the parent page, which is essential to have doors of entry on its site. The most strategic pages of your site are generally those at the top of the silo, and we will position them on the keywords with the highest conversion potential. 

WE WILL OPTIMIZE YOUR CONTENT: To hope to position itself in the search engines, a page must offer quality content to the Internet user. That is to say, a page, which by definition, responds to a search intention by providing the right information to the user and at the right time. First of all, We will make sure that the content must target a request from the Internet user: the keyword in SEO. Furthermore, All of the content will deal with the semantic universe of the targeted main query. In addition, we will also work on title tags, meta tag descriptions, HN tags.

Additional Perks

Defining And Optimizing Your Content To Increase Your Visibility And Profits

We Will Optimize The Internal Linking: This step is strategic to give depth to your strategic pages and therefore strengthen the internal popularity of your different silos. To build or improve your effective internal network within the framework of a silo structure, we follow several rules that include:

  • The strategy page being linked to the lower level;
  • Each lower level must link to the higher level;
  • The contents of the same level must be linked together.
  • Fix wrong internal links
  • We Develop And Optimize Your Net Linking Strategy


Netlinking is an off-site SEO strategy. In summary, these are all possible actions to create external links to push the important pages of your site (the most strategic pages). An external link is a link entering your website from a site external to yours. The more quality external links a site receives, the more popular it is.

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