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Quality Content Marketing To Set You Apart

Did you know that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing at equal income?

Unlike online advertising, whose effectiveness depends on your investment, content marketing relies above all on the quality and uniqueness of your content. Working this approach to your marketing with a content marketing agency allows your business to offer quality content that helps strengthen your marketing pillars, from your visibility to converting new customers.

What is Content Marketing?

By definition, content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating content whose relevance and value aim to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, generate profitable actions from your customers. This content can take the form of blog posts, web pages, videos, infographics, case studies, and many other types of content. Sinha IT Solutions selects with you only the content most suited to your growth objectives.

The questions you solve with Sinha IT Solutions

Before collaborating with Sinha IT Solutions, our clients remained unanswered to these questions:

  • How to increase the visibility of my company on the internet?
  • How do I increase traffic from qualified visitors to my website?
  • How can I offer quality content to set my business apart from the competition?
  • What content to offer to encourage the interest and commitment of my targets?

In addition to the qualitative aspect that content marketing brings to your business, this strategy also significantly strengthens your natural referencing on search engines. Indeed, the quality, diversity, and freshness of your content are the main criteria in indexing your website by Google’s algorithms. So, the more unique and relevant content you produce, the more authority and reputation your website increases in the eyes of Google.

Social Media: A Powerful And Profitable Tool

Connect, expand, create awareness and make more profits!

Besides your visibility on search engines, content marketing also benefits your social networks. By combining strategic management with regular content production, you will put the odds in your favor to make your social media a powerful and profitable customer acquisition channel. This virtuous sequence represents the main strength of content marketing, thus explaining why this marketing method has a conversion rate 6 times higher than traditional marketing. Consider content marketing as one of the keys to the growth of your SME on the web.

A complete content creation process with Sinha IT Solutions

Our content marketing services support your SME in the following steps:

  • Defining your content marketing strategy
  • The design and production of the various adapted content
  • The distribution of your content on the selected media
  • Promoting your content to increase its visibility
  • Content analysis and optimization
  • Monitoring and measuring the results of your web content

Our strategic steps

  • Content strategy- Your content strategy is an essential step that plans each action of your content marketing. Inform your target at the right time in the right place with an editorial calendar deployed over several months with the advice of our content marketing experts to get results.
  • Writing- Web writing is the central element of content marketing. Your textual content is a tool for communication, differentiation, and referencing. Our certified web writers have the skills necessary to create relevantly and search engine optimized web content.
  • Translation- Translating your website allows your SME to make itself visible to a wider clientele, especially in multilingual regions like India, Canada, the USA, Germany, Finland, Norway, and many more. Translate your website into another language by an experienced web translator and increase your visibility.
  • Revision- Revising your already existing texts offers the possibility of better optimizing them for search engines and your readers. Offer content that captures the Internet user’s attention and gain visibility on search engines by reviewing by our SEO expert.
  • Content writing training- Training in web writing teaches you how to write the texts for your website yourself. You will learn to make your text relevant to your targets while respecting search engine ranking criteria.

Content marketing and content strategy: building a qualified audience and then turning them into customers

Content marketing is a long-term strategy, which, to build a lasting link with your audience, must be sustainable and constant. It is indeed the regularity of your contents and their relevance that will make it possible to qualify strangers, to transform them into prospects, than to convert them into customers. 

What we will do?

Entrust your web content to our content marketing agency Sinha IT Solutions

To offer optimized and relevant content, entrust its optimization to our content marketing agency Sinha IT Solutions. You will then collaborate with a partner who will be attentive to your needs and expectations to offer content that respects the identity of your brand and your objectives. We will take care of the planning, creation, and distribution of your web content following a proven method defined by experts certified by search engines. We will also share the course of its actions in complete transparency. You will be aware of each of our progress and results in real-time thanks to a common management tool, and will remain the final decision-maker in all circumstances and increase the visibility and value of your business with rich web content, and convert new customers with our content marketing agency in Montreal. Call us to discuss projects today and get a free evaluation.

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