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If a few years ago, developing a mobile application was a luxury, it is a necessity today.

With more than billions of users worldwide, the smartphone has become an essential communication tool for businesses. It’s a very effective way of reaching consumers and informing them about promotions, events, news… and encouraging them to order on the net… In a few years, the mobile web will overtake the traditional web.  

At Sinha IT Solutions, we pay attention to detail! We develop Android, iOS, and other mobile applications, and we create responsive models for your mobile applications, so they are compatible with phones and tablets.

Our services

  • Phone Mockups- Our mobile models take into account all types of phones and their resolution.
  • Customizable designs- Our model creations are based on your brand image and your colors.
  • Tablet mockups- Our tablet mockups are designed around the resolutions of the most popular tablets.

Things we keep in mind when making your mockup design

  • Architecture- We start by thinking about the architecture of the application, the menus, and the links between the screens.
  • Specifications- A complete specification for an optimal design. We are proactive when designing and creating our client’s mockup applications.
  • Interactions- Define the interaction zones on each of the screens the main buttons (clicks, drag) to make the site more engaging
  • Features- We provide suggestions and ideas for all the functionalities to be developed and modeled. 
  • User experience. We test and re-test the models. You should never get stuck in one place. Navigation should be smooth.
  • Colors- We provide and create color palettes according to the brand and specifications! They will help the user in his navigation. 
  • Design & Development- A unique identifier for your project: given the number of applications available, it is essential to stand out with a unique and tailor-made design. We offer you a graphic model in line with your activity and values, which we rework until your complete satisfaction. The application is then developed.

We understand our customers.

Indeed, understanding your needs in terms of functionalities and marketing objectives is the key to success!

During our first exchanges, we will make sure to establish a review of the various points essential to the success of your mobile project. This essential step allows you to:

  • target mobile app users
  • understand the objectives of this application (the purpose of its release)
  • the concepts and the graphic charter of the application, a first sketch of the different points of the visual identity of the mobile application
  • the different possible functionalities to fulfill your objectives
  • the working environment, the management of exchanges between your company or organization and our agency

The development of models and the graphic creation of mockups of the application

Further, our team provides you with regular updates, an important part of the initial delivery that allows you to check each step according to your need and see the journey of creating your application. The first thoughts on the UX user experience are mentioned in the different application usage scenarios. The team of developers at Sinha IT Solutions brings an ergonomic vision to its mobile creations.Once the models have been made, your application will have the graphic part of its design. We prefer working closely with you on this visual UI part. The objective is to rely on your graphic charters and your universe. Therefore, the visual aspect visually appears that your mobile application sports its almost classic design at this stage.

Technical specifications, mobile application development, and testing

Our project manager and our technical director take care of coordinating the functional and technical specifications and starting the launch of the development of the application. Starting with the type of technology used, mobile formats, compilation software, and code optimization.In addition, our project manager informs you of current achievements, rushes on functionalities, possible design problems, all the information necessary for the timely delivery of your application.

The test environment

Throughout the development process, we test the application to provide the best app mockup and exemplary service to our valuable clients.

Training in application content management in the back office

Once your validation on the launch of the mobile application, we inform you about the management of the content of your application to make it live. We also provide necessary assistance to get the most out of your application by taking control of the administration interface of the application.

Publication of the application on the Apple & android stores and Monitoring of statistics

Finally, we launch your mobile application on the stores by submitting the project to verify the conditions of the application stores carried out by the Apple and Google teams. Once the application is available in the stores, we check the launch statistics. We adjust the ASO referencing if necessary to increase the visibility of your new mobile application.

How Do We Operate?

Defining And Optimizing Your Content To Increase Your Visibility And Profits

We analyze your current image, your direct competitors, and your audience’s behavior to better understand your customers’ needs. This research phase will identify the challenge and the marketing to be implemented.

After defining your project, we produce a graphic model to give you a precise overview of each of the visuals in your application. We work on the visuals until you are completely satisfied to obtain an application as close as possible to your values. Once the visual aspect has been validated, we develop the application. Nothing is left to chance, and everything must be perfectly functional. Together, we validate the application to be ready to be downloaded by thousands of users.

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