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Build a powerful and effective Industrial content marketing strategy

Content marketing, who is it for? All companies that wish to be visible on the Internet!

Today, more than ever, you need to stand out with relevant and particularly careful content marketing to reach your prospects. At the heart of an inbound marketing strategy, telling customers about your product is crucial. Industry content marketing represents a tremendous opportunity to inform, create value and convert more prospects. At Sinha IT Solutions, we know that good Industry content plays an essential role in digital marketing. Indeed, properly articulated, it increases its visibility and its turnover.

However, sometimes, writers write inappropriate content with wrong information because they may not know what the company is all about. To void such losses, hire experts from Sinha IT Solutions. This is why we are implementing editorial strategies in close liaison with our clients: distributing accurate, informative materials, entertaining, and high value-added Industry content to attract the attention of qualified prospects.

Our Industrial content strategy is based on:

  • The definition of objectives to guide the content strategy within the marketing funnel
  • Identifying personas to understand your target
  • Analysis of industry and technical aspects of the company
  • Understanding trending topics related to the industry, the web, and social networks.
  • Analysis of Google data to identify the main requests of Internet users

Why choose Sinha IT Solutions?

  • Time-saving– Collaborating directly with an editor trained in good digital writing practices guarantees publishing impeccable editorial content.
  • Confidence– Sinha IT Solutions is a benchmark in the world of Industry writing, providing accurate and informative content that is up to date. 
  • Capital gain– Use of reliable sources, the contribution of added value, sought-after editorial angle, expertise, our editors are trained to publish 100% original content with high added value and correct information of specific industries. 

Why is Industrial Content Writing Important And Who Is It For?

Industrial content gives technical information to your clients which they may not find anywhere on internet.

  • Increase in traffic- Each optimized article allows you to gain quality traffic and increase your conversion rate and inform customers more about your products. 
  • Industry-specific content writing- All our writers are experts in Industry-specific content writing. Let yourself be guided: they propel your pages in the first results of Google. Coming from different industries together with years of experience makes them special. 

Which companies need Industry content writing?

  • Digital strategy agency- Recruiting qualified SEO web editors takes you a lot of time? You have to look for them, give them one or more tests, know how to respect a briefing, and have SEO writing skills? Save time by choosing from our trained and assessed specialist editors. 
  • Communication Department- Newsletters, blog articles, content for your company’s website: creating digital content takes time and requires real know-how. Surround yourself with trained and competent collaborators to delegate part of your digital communication.
  • Entrepreneur- Making your business visible on the Internet is a major challenge today. For this, you need to feed it regularly with your Industry-specific content. Writing newsletters, pages of your site, blog articles: our professional SEO web editors take care of absolutely everything! 
  • Developer- JavaScript, PHP, HTML, C++: your passion is computer language? Collaborate with an SEO web editor. Passionate about writing and natural referencing, the combination of your talents will satisfy all your customers with perfect sites in form and content!
  • Professional blogger- You wrote all your blog articles, but today your business has evolved, and you no longer have as much time to devote to writing. Do you want to delegate your content writing without disappointing your audience? Trust the editors of Sinha IT Solutions: they have learned to adapt to the editorial line of their clients coming from many different industries.
  • E-commerce site manager- Product sheets, category pages, and the home page: content is king on an online sales site. In your industry-specific content writing, you must welcome visitors, seduce them and retain them. Entrust this task to our professional writer to get efficient results. 

How Sinha IT Solutions develops its projects

Audit Of Existing & Exchanges, Implementation Of The Project Scope, Adaptations & Validations

Digital communication is based on an ecosystem. Search engines, social networks, mailings, and advertisements: communication largely occurs in writing!

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