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With an effective CRM and ERP in place, business leaders can automate and streamline tedious back-office tasks, help employees become more productive and perform their roles better, and gain real-time visibility. On the inner workings of their operations.

With years of expertise in enterprise technology solutions, we understand the reality you face every day and seek to find technology solutions to your daily challenges. We have completed over 5K CRM ERP projects.

  • Never be limited by your business solutions again!
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP)
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM)

Our services are designed to help you get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 software with the help of our CRM & ERP experts.

 Implementation of CRM and ERP software- Our CRM and ERP implementations allow you to improve your performance according to your business’s needs, size, and growth rate.

Customer Success: From Training to Evolution- Our Customer Success team will support you at every stage of your growth. You can quickly book a session with our experts in self-service.

Our Services: Expect only the best- Need help with Microsoft Dynamics 365? Book a CRM or ERP expert directly to help you with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 1 click.

Preconfigured solutions- Over the years, we have developed solutions to add features and configurations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 that are adaptable to your needs.

What will we do for you?

We are an engine for business growth. We provide ERP and CRM software flexible and industry-specific and designed to meet the needs of our manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service customers. Our years of experience in business processes and the specific business needs of our customers are injected into every solution, whether cloud-based, hosted, or on-premises. Based on a deep understanding of your industry, Our solutions drive growth while mastering complexity. The result is powerful solutions that free up your resources and allow you to grow your business.

Our Expertise

Accelerate your sales with our expertise. Some of our services also include:

Some of our services include Customer relationship management, After-sales service management, Product data management, Planning and programming, Production management, supply chain management, Financial management, Enterprise performance management, Commercial architecture, Accessible and adapted services to give you the best return on your investment.


We have been building solutions and configurations to make Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions accessible for SMEs for several years. This allows you to use the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 at a reasonable cost to your business. You learn the solution quickly and benefit from our self-service to scale Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your current needs.

Manage your renewals with our solution

You can often forget about renewing your contracts, filing them, and even late fees. All you have to do is schedule alerts, and our services and solutions take care of the rest. We offer you a quick and preconfigured implementation to quickly get you up and running and on the road to success with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales application.

Take control of your ERP with experts.

Become a pro of your new ERP software in 11 missions, accompanied by our experts. Let our advisers guide you in implementing the best financial management practices with an ERP.

Our team helps you transform with the latest CRM & ERP software innovations. Our CRM and ERP experts are dedicated to the success of your project. Specialized in finance, distribution, and manufacturing, our implementation experts have many Microsoft certifications to be one of the best Microsoft Gold Partners in the country. We ensure the efficiency of your sales forces with the CRM functionalities of your ERP and web CRM by:

  • Planning your commercial actions
  • View pending sales actions and the list of current opportunities: your sales teams have direct and synthetic access to information.

Follow your opportunities as close as possible: Manage your leads, quantify and qualify them while monitoring their processing in real-time. The purpose for your SME? A clear improvement in your results thanks to an increase in your conversion rate.

Optimize your marketing campaigns: Target and engage your targets and possible through appropriate actions: mailing, direct mail, phoning, SMS campaign, etc. You can also easily integrate your marketing automation tools.

Keep your customer history: Keep track of and centralize all exchanges with your customers and prospects, whether documents, emails, calls, or commercial actions, to be sure to have all the cards in hand!

Organize your contacts: The CRM functionalities of Synoptic ERP offer you complete and intuitive contact management. You can thus easily synchronize your contacts with third-party software (marketing automation tools, growth hacking, emailing solutions, messaging, etc.) and, in particular, Outlook (mails, calendars, contacts).

Main benefits of ERP and CRM systems

Some of the reasons and benefits why organizations use ERP systems:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Provide business leaders with real-time visibility into their operations.
  • Provide business leaders and their teams with instant access to their global supply chains.
  • Enable business leaders to identify challenges, uncover opportunities, and make faster decisions that will positively impact their various business sectors.
  • Help automate and streamline tedious tasks and redundant processes.
  • Give employees the tools and data they need to succeed.
  • Provide a single point of truth to organizations
  • Often accessible from anywhere (offsite and from mobile devices).
  • Help increase your team’s productivity. 
  • Facilitate collaboration between teams and with third-party vendors.
  • Deliver powerful financial reporting and forecasting tools you can use to make informed decisions about the future of your business.
  • Protect your data and help your business continue to operate in compliance with international laws and regulatory guidelines.
Need help to define better or start your CRM or ERP project?
Ask for free advice from our CRP and ERP project experts to support you in the different stages of your project, from financing to development.

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