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Sinha IT Solutions offers DevOps as a service or part of the software development process. We also provide DevOps services, including continuous integration and continuous software delivery, DevOps automation, release management, maintenance, and support. 

Our main directions

  • Consulting services for the implementation of DevOps
  • DevOps configuration management
  • DevOps Automation
  • Monitoring and redundancy
  • Installing Third-Party Software Solutions
  • Maintenance and Support

Perhaps, no modern application can do without DevOps services. Fulfilling the orders of our numerous clients, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in this area. We have formed a separate department that provides DevOps services both as part of software development and testing services and separately. We will be happy to share our experience and hope that it will contribute to the success of your projects!

Implementing DevOps

There are many approaches to implementing DevOps: the long journey of nurturing your DevOps department, giving full-time developers and administrators equal responsibility for operations, using IaaS platforms, or even creating a dedicated team to promote DevOps ideal but our model of DevOps is cheaper, best in market and reliable. 

Our model is DevOps as an external service.

This is an ideal solution for those who see DevOps as an important but auxiliary tool for achieving their core business goals. It is a service for those who cannot waste time and scatter their efforts on non-core business work.

Our Solutions

DevOps at Sinha IT Solutions help customers manage systems and solve emerging issues of optimizing resource use, redistributing the load, scaling, etc.

Whether cloud-based or not, any infrastructure requires maintenance, control, and usually improvement. We also design, configure, and maintain secure environments, set up remote access, and provide security advice.

Automated software build systems: Our DevOps engineers develop and implement various automated software build systems for such technological platforms as Java (Maven, Ant, Gradle, etc.), .NET (NAnt, etc.), mobile applications for iOS and Android, Node.js, and others.

Continuous Integration (CI)/ Continuous Delivery (CD): Our DevOps engineers set up Continuous Integration (Continuous Integration) and Continuous Delivery (Continuous Delivery) based on Jenkins / Hudson using management mechanisms such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet. This improves the quality of the software and reduces its delivery time. As a result, our specialists can use various modules, including Docker containers, for Nexus or Artifactory based repositories.

Project/Product Release Management: Our DevOps developers organize release delivery processes in collaboration with all involved teams and help set up version control (including VCS and project management systems), release planning, and delivery processes.

Monitoring and backup: Our DevOps engineers will help you organize a proactive approach to support, which allows you to minimize downtime and increase the quality of service. Zabbix, Nagios, Graphite, NewRelic, etc., can be used to monitor the infrastructure and predict possible changes. Before starting any of the actions, DevOps specialists always backup, which allows you to quickly restore the infrastructure with minimal losses in case of unforeseen situations.

Installation of third-party software systems: Also, our DevOps team can install and configure ready-made third-party solutions: relational databases, NoSQL databases, version control systems (VCS) and related infrastructure, file repositories, search platforms, message brokers, various web and application servers, project management systems and tasks, including bug tracking and many others.

Paradigm Shift: DevOps is a progressive approach aimed at the synergy between software development and infrastructure operations departments where this software is run. It allows you to achieve optimal and predictable functioning of production, more frequent releases, and better involvement of all engineers in the processes. To achieve the necessary shift in development culture, organizational measures and technical solutions are required.

Shared Values: The success of development-operations cooperation is built not only on the technical competence of all engineers involved in the project, their broad outlook, and experience but also on such important qualities as:

  • Openness to interaction;
  • Continuous learning;
  • Focus on the overall result needed by the business.
  • A special role is also assigned to the organization of interaction and processes.

Automation: From a technical point of view, cooperation is based on convenient communication channels and key systems that ensure the continuous delivery of changes. Delivery starts with a commit in the repository. It ends with the operation of the next release in production with everything necessary for its stable operation (including monitoring, scaling, and so on). It’s never too late! The greatest effect can be achieved if such interaction starts from the earliest stages (application architecture design and technology selection). However, a full-fledged DevOps transformation is also possible for existing projects.

Why choose Sinha IT Solutions?

By choosing a service from Sinha IT Solutions, you can quickly experience the benefits of the DevOps as a Service model:

Full product team: By getting a permanent DevOps team and the appropriate interaction methods, you expand your development team to a department that is fully responsible for the product: from its creation to operation.

Optimal technical solutions: To support developers and operate the product, you get the best technologies and practices that we constantly improve on many projects in production and our respective departments.

Confidence in the result: Working with us, you cover the needs at all stages of the application life cycle, get all the necessary competencies, and guarantee the level of service within the SLA.

Minimal reorganization: Adding an external team of experts with established processes and turnkey solutions minimizes the need to reorganize the existing development team.

Adequate cost: Standardization of our approaches and our application on a large number of projects allows us to provide services at a high level and at a cost that does not exceed the salary of full-time employees.

Reasonable time: Since DevOps is a technical issue and a change in development approaches, the introduction of ready-made specialists and processes into the project allows you to achieve the desired effect in a short time.

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