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We are the leading IT solution providers. Using our services is the ideal solution for creating a website and developing your business in online sales. Hundreds of templates are available and customizable according to your needs, which allows you to create a unique shopping experience for customers by adapting each aspect of the site (showcase, presentation of items, basket, etc.).We take customization even further with comprehensive integrations developed to connect all the necessary tools, software, and runtime services.Several sales channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, or eBay are integrated into the platform to reach as many customers as possible. Products can also be sold anywhere globally, and all activity is managed from a comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard.

Our Creative Process

  • Contact and Specifications: After the initial contact, we set up a detailed plan to offer you a unique site following your needs.
  • Realization and training: We then develop your project in compliance with good web practices, and we train you in its use.
  • Finalization and posting: After the last checks, we put your site online safely to ensure its proper functioning.

What’s in for you?

  • customer relationship management,
  • customer service management (after-sales service),
  • online invoicing,
  • sending invoices by email,
  • management of access to the back-office of your site,
  • the personalization of your site,
  • taking into account several languages, currencies, VAT, etc.

How to choose your e-commerce solution?

Before looking for the ideal platform, take some time to analyze your needs and resources.

Do you want a solution that centralizes all of your sales channels and allows you to manage your business in real-time? Discover our services! You will be able to deploy an omnichannel strategy locally, nationally, and internationally by selling on all channels: internet, store, mobile, telephone, marketplaces. All while managing your entire business from a single solution. Offer your customers a unique and unified experience!

What are your technical skills? Don’t have any, leverage your work on us; our team of experts will keep things up to date and do their best to boost the sales. 

What is your budget? If you opt for a free e-commerce platform, keep in mind that the installation and configuration will have to be done by you and that you will have to pay for more advanced features.

What is the size of your product catalog? A small catalog can be modified manually, but updating hundreds or even thousands of references cannot be done without automation. 

What features do you need? Inventory management, customer service, marketing tools: take stock of what you expect from your e-commerce solution and see what functions are available by default. 

Would you like to be able to connect your tools to your CMS? If you already have an online store but want to change the platform, check that it can be connected with your delivery, payment, or billing management tools to make the transition smoother.

Do you plan to sell your products internationally? In this case, a solution that facilitates the multilingual management of your merchant site will be necessary.

What is the growth potential of your store? If you expect a high volume of traffic and sales, it is in your best interest to move towards a robust platform that can accompany you in the long term.

Our Features

We provide a solution that centralizes all sales channels in real-time and allows you to manage your company’s online commercial activity. We offer you complete management of your activity thanks to its large families of functionalities:

  • Content management- Thanks to our powerful, ergonomic, and intuitive CMS, add and modify pages, menus, texts, images, videos, and much more.
  • Contact management- We incorporate a wide spectrum of customer data to be used daily to control your customer relationship effectively.
  • Business management- Centralize all orders and track all of your business statistics. Your every online commercial management is in one place.
  • Purchasing chain management- A set of features to manage, plan and track your purchases and supplies based on your sales
  • Sales channel management- The checkout of your physical store, e-commerce, the marketplace, or even your commercial sales force… Offer a unified sales and purchasing process.
  • Product catalog management- We centralize all your product catalogs and stocks. Distribute your unique product catalog to all of your sales channels.
  • Management of marketing/loyalty operations- Become a conductor of customer loyalty—gift certificates, promo codes, sponsorships, price conditions, basket reminders, etc.
  • Warehouse management- Manage your inventory across different locations and even across multiple warehouses. Print your delivery and receipt slips, your labels, and carry out your inventories. 

Sinha IT Solutions: Why Choose Us?

We Are The Most Compatible Company to Delegate Creation Of Your E-commerce Website

Our platform allows you to get your professional e-commerce site created at a discounted cost without any hidden charges.

Make a wise choice for your future.

Open an online store: Start your business if you are looking for a new way to generate income or have found an interesting project idea.

Move your business online: Create an online store that extends your physical store and serves customers uninterrupted.Please switch to our professionals to get expert advice today! Migrate your business to Shopify, regardless of the e-commerce platform you currently use.

Hire an Expert: Easily set up your online store by hiring an experienced e-commerce site creator. Our dedicated team provides the best in market solutions. 

An all-in-one platform tailored to your needs: Create, manage and develop your online store and your points of sale from a complete, scalable, secure platform adapted to your sector.

Create an e-commerce site as you imagine: Build an online store without having any technical or graphic skills necessary. Our experts will handle that for you. Whether you sell products or services, our features adapt to your projects. On the Internet, in stores, on social networks, or in marketplaces, we help you grow your business to reach more and more customers in the right place and at the right time. 

Access all the data you need and ask your questions from our experts today. Follow the growth of your business day by day and make the best decisions for your business.

1. Promote your online store

2. Develop your visibility

3. Manage all your activity


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